We believe that music is for every child and should always be accessible, as well as play an active and important role within day-to-day life at The Downs Malvern.

A lively and positive atmosphere pervades our Music School, which is housed in a purpose-built building. There is one main teaching room, equipped with a large stock of instruments. In addition, there is a Music Technology Suite in which children have the opportunity to access training software used to reinforce skills and techniques introduced within the lessons. Four instrumental teaching rooms and several small practice rooms complete the department and help to facilitate our strong tradition.

The majority of our children learn an instrument, with tuition available on a wide range of instruments taught by a team of enthusiastic, committed and friendly specialists. These lessons are taught usually on an individual basis or to small groups. All of our children, from the Early Years Foundation Stage to Year 8, have weekly class music lessons with a specialist teacher. From Year 1, they come to the Music School for their class lessons and these are intended to be fun. The curriculum is built on the belief that children should learn through experience, in an enjoyable and meaningful environment.

The Music Department provides a varied programme of ensembles, therefore giving every child the opportunity to further develop his or her individual musical pathway. Concerts feature strongly in the life of the school. It is our belief that children derive enormous benefit and pleasure from performing in public. There are several concerts each term that vary in style ranging from the weekly Assemblies to musical productions.

We strive to ensure that our children come to regard music as an integral part of their lives and to enjoy their music-making.

Music is a central part of life at The Downs Malvern.

Head of Music - Lesley Hunter