Building shelters, leaping into puddles, exploring and experiencing the natural world through practical activities. This is what Outdoor Adventures is all about.

The Downs Malvern Outdoor Adventure site is surrounded by established broadleaf trees, with paths that run through woodland and a stream that carries water straight off the Malvern Hills. The site really is a beautiful place for the children to explore and learn.

We strive to create a sense of discovery and adventure for each and every child. Life is full of risks, both real and perceived and at The Downs children learn to develop good judgement in order to assess risk and to respond appropriately. Outdoor Adventure enables children to lead their own learning, which arises through curiosity and exploration, with many multi-sensory opportunities. It offers an abundance of ways in which the children can develop emotional and social skills alongside cognitive development. Outdoor Adventure teaches children to be resilient and also enables learners to develop a holistic understanding of their setting and the wider world, considering their spiritual relationship with their surroundings.