We are fortunate to have such a great site for studying Geography. The Downs Malvern is situated at the bottom of the Malvern Hills, which make up part of the school grounds.

Not only are we in a conservation area but we also have a Site of Special Scientific Interest just a 10-minute walk away.

We believe that Geography is best learnt in the field and we run a residential course to Cornwall every June for pupils in Year 7. This trip links well with the Art and Science Curriculum as well as Environmental Geography. Enquiry-based learning features strongly throughout the school, and all pupils are encouraged to explain why geographical features are located where they are. Great emphasis is placed upon the children understanding how geographical processes work, and to appreciate that geography is all around us and helps to shape our lives.

As part of the Common Entrance course, we also visit Carding Mill Valley in Shropshire, where we carry out a river study that forms part of the fieldwork section. There is then the opportunity to complete a river study that goes towards the final mark. 

Head of Geography - Michael Strong