The Modern Foreign Languages department aims to develop an interest in other languages and cultures, and to enable children to achieve their best in one or two Modern Languages, each according to their ability.

We strive to make our lessons exciting, enjoyable and practical, giving the children many opportunities to practise. 

We help them to become independent in their learning, to develop a desire to learn more and to take part in activities that allow them to show off their individual skills. Fluency and a good accent are also important, whatever the level. We give children a strong base on which to build when they move on to another school at 13.

The children are taught French in forms from Early Years to Year 6, and then in sets. In Year 7 they also start either German or Spanish, which they learn for two years in mixed ability groups. All children are taught all four skills, although the emphasis with the youngest is on listening and speaking - children experience and speak the language before they write it. We teach lessons in the target language as appropriate, using many different resources, activities and games, encouraging children to ‘have a go’ without worrying about getting everything right first time. We teach them how to learn and revise languages and instil the habit of revising and practising a little and often. We assess progress as the children speak and learn, and in regular weekly tests and end-of-term examinations. They are prepared for external examinations and entry to senior schools at age 13, including at Scholarship level.

Every two to three years, all children are involved in a French evening. They perform short plays and songs, recite poems, or entertain with fun activities and games: anything as long as it involves speaking French or has a French theme!

Children in Year 8 also organise a ‘French Day’ at the end of the year for the whole school. Everyone in Pre-Prep and Prep are invited with their parents to come to a French café and order food and drinks in French. There are French games and activities all day and lessons focus on French themes: French Art, History etc. 

Head of Modern Languages - Antje Jäger-Jones