Improving the quality and effectiveness of their education

An ISI inspection is for the benefit of the children and seeks to improve the quality and effectiveness of their education and of the care for their welfare. Inspection findings are presented in reliable and objective reports. Inspection of educational provision covers compliance with the Independent School Standards Regulations and evaluates the two main outcomes for the children: achievement and personal development.

As well as the education regulations, boarding schools must also meet a set of standards covering the welfare of boarding children: the National Minimum Standards for Boarding Schools. Since January 2012, ISI has been responsible for inspecting boarding welfare in schools.

ISI inspects provision for children from birth up to the age of five, known as the Early Years Foundation Stage. Inspection evaluates the extent to which the setting fulfils the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework, published by the Department for Education, and follows the requirements of the Childcare Act 2006 as subsequently amended.

These two most recent reports have been part of the information used by the Governors and the Headmaster to guide the extensive Development Plan at The Downs Malvern.

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2012 ISI Whole School Inspection Report

2015 ISI Compliance Inspection Report

2018 ISI Full Inspection Report

2023 ISI Regulatory Compliance Inspection Report