Pre-Prep is where children build confidence, curiosity and a love of learning through enticing and exciting opportunities. It is a special place to spark the imagination of enquiring minds, a time to test their capabilities, vulnerabilities and decision-making skills, through safe and managed activities.

Pupils join Pre-Prep during the term they turn three and can stay with us until the end of Year 2 at the age of seven. All of our pupils in Pre-Prep are very precious, and it is so important that they feel safe and happy. If they are happy, they will grow in self-esteem and confidence and will be able to tackle whatever life has to offer them. 

Our Key Stage 1 classrooms are situated in the same building as our Early Years. All staff and pupils are in regular contact through shared assemblies, playtimes, lunchtimes, after school clubs and more besides. This helps to prepare the children for a smooth transition from the Early Years to the Pre-Preparatory School.

Helping your Child Reach their Learning Potential

Lead by Alexandra Sigley, the head of Pre Prep, We take pride in supporting boys and girls with the best academic support a private school can offer growing minds.

Every child has individual needs and in small classes we can take care of them. Staff identify and encourage the interests of all children by providing a rich, structured and engaging curriculum. 

Children are set appropriate yet challenging and stimulating work which is carefully delivered, monitored and appraised to ensure that each child makes the most of the many and varied learning opportunities available to them.

As well as the core subjects, all of our pupils are offered weekly swimming lessons at Malvern College boarding school, the opportunity to learn a musical instrument, and forest school activities through our Outdoor Adventures programme during their time in Reception and KS1.

However, academic excellence is not the only way your child will be challenged.

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A Uniquely Nurturing Private Pre-Prep Education

Our Pre-Prep successfully allows children to shine academically whilst protecting the charms, delights and wonder of childhood. Children are free to be children, while learning traditional values of empathy, respect and kindness. 

Happy, confident children equal happy, ambitious, successful learners. This family atmosphere and sense of security enables children to take risks, explore and develop resilience and confidence to face challenges of life after Pre-Prep.

Flexible Wrap Around Care

A key factor in deciding on the right school for your child can be finding a learning schedule which works for your family. 

At The Downs Malvern, we offer wrap-around-care for pre-prep pupils from 7:30am to 6:00pm. This includes breakfast clubs, after school care, and our range of exciting clubs which range from Gardening, to Ballet, to Lego.

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