Latin begins in Year 7 and continues into Year 8, with two lessons per week and one weekly prep.

Pupils focus on reading and enjoying stories from the earliest possible stage in their learning, and grammar is introduced to reinforce and improve understanding. Alongside language work, pupils explore the Roman myths and legends and aspects of daily life.

Studying Latin brings many benefits. It allows pupils to find out about a world very different from our own, yet important in understanding from where our language and culture developed. It supports the learning of other languages and our own. The overriding aim of the teaching of Latin at The Downs Malvern is to promote the Classics as a worthwhile and rewarding pursuit. We hope to foster an interest in culture, a love of words and language, and to provide a gateway to future study.

Latin enables you to travel into a hidden historic universe: a world of togas, empire and gladiators – or, as we prefer to put it, togae, imperium, gladiatores.

Head of Latin - Kathryn Lewis