The school’s new “Hoot Parent and Toddler Group” will be welcoming all local children aged between two and four (plus younger siblings). Children will have the chance to make the very most of the school’s indoor and outdoor resources and facilities, and receive inspiring sessions delivered by the school’s early years teachers. There is no cost to attend, although any donations made will go to a local charity.

A packed timetable has already been arranged for the Summer Term, including exploring, painting and crafts, technology, singing, sports and games, story times and – for when it rains – “Splish Splosh Outdoor Adventures” (for which wellies, waterproofs, and old clothes will be very much needed!)

“Our timetable is aimed at giving young children a chance to experiment and explore a wide range of activities as well as having fun, and of course it will provide them with an opportunity to socialise.” says Mrs Louise Hannis, Head of Early Years. 

If you have any questions, contact the school office on 01684 544100, or fill out the form below to sign up.