A good understanding of different religious views and beliefs is ever more important in the increasingly diverse and multi-cultural world in which we live.

Here at The Downs Malvern, Christian values, ideals and practice form the basis of framework within which Religious Studies is taught.

By the end of their time here the children will have studied up to 30 different Bible texts from the Old and New Testaments. They will also have studied the lives of extraordinary people such as M.K. Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Dietrich Bonhoeffer as well as contemporary issues covering topics such as:

Human rights, laws and rules
Science and Religion
Stewardship and the environment
Social justice and treatment of the poor
Prejudice and discrimination
Attitudes to death
Leadership and wisdom

The children are also taught about the important beliefs of Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Sikhism and there are a series of visits across the year groups to the local parish churches, Malvern College, Gloucester Cathedral, Central Mosque and Singers Hill Synagogue in Birmingham.

The syllabus is designed so that the children build up their knowledge and experience year by year. By the time they sit their Common Entrance exam, they will have a sound understanding and respect for the communities in which they live and an awareness of their responsibility to the wider world.

Head of Religious Studies - Linda Richardson