Resistant Materials; Textiles; Food Technology and IT

The Design and Technology Department, also known as 'DT', boasts an array of modern equipment. It is split between a classroom area where desk-based work can be carried out and a well-resourced workshop.

Besides learning material-specific techniques, it is our aim that by Year 8, each child:

Enjoys designing and making in a safe environment

Develops creative and problem-solving skills

Can conduct research and use it to inform their designs

Can express their designs visually, clearly and effectively

Can evaluate their own work and express viewpoints constructively

Understands the importance of the different stages of the design process and appreciates the made world, including styles and vision statements, and the context of time and place.

'Design is an integral part of our lives. The pupils explore how DT can enhance people’s lives as well as being made aware of our ethical responsibilities. The department takes an active part in supporting a healthy lifestyle regarding school meals and the sports curriculum. All of the children support our Macmillan appeal by baking cupcakes and entering a cake making competition if they so wish.  The department actively supports a link between a selection of other curriculum subjects.  DT scholarships are encouraged should a pupil wish to take the subject further in their chosen senior school.'  

Anna Carmichael - Head of Design and Technology