"In order to understand the universe you must know the language in which it is written. And that language is mathematics" - GALILEO

Through Mathematics, children at The Downs Malvern learn to see the world as Galileo did, and acquire a high level of essential knowledge and understanding for their future life.

Children need to be confident in number from a young age and they have regular practice in mental and written arithmetic. They are also expected to learn times tables by heart. At the same time, they are taught how to think mathematically and are guided in strategies for solving problems, as well as being given the opportunity to explore and develop their own strategies. Learning starts with the physical, practical and what is known; before moving to the verbal, mental, and conceptual.

Teaching is inclusive and, as far as possible, all children in a class cover the same topic content, albeit with different outcomes in terms of complexity and application of knowledge. Children learn to explain and listen to each other, so that they all feel they have something valuable to contribute.

Key Stages 1 and 2: The course follows the outline of the National Numeracy Strategy and Early Years Foundation Stage. A detailed breakdown of knowledge and concepts specifies what is taught so that all children can master the essentials for sound mathematical progress.

Key Stage 3: Children are prepared for the Common Entrance examination, covering the syllabus in the first four terms of the two years, followed by specific examination preparation and practice. More able children are prepared for the Common Academic Scholarship (or individual scholarship papers, where required).

In addition, children in Years 5 to 8 are entered for the National Primary and Junior Mathematic Challenges, which aim to develop mathematical thinking and are aimed at the top 30% of the ability range. 

Head of Mathematics - Andrew McKay