The Downs Malvern aims to provide children with a fulfilling education based on exploration, challenge and success. A close knit school community which celebrates individuality. A school in which pupils can investigate new experiences and discover their passions, developing skills and characteristics that support lifelong learning and sets them on the path for continued success.

Pupil Outcomes

Curricular Outcomes:

  • We aim to instill in our pupils a genuine love of learning, harnessing their natural curiosity and extending their understanding through an inspirational and challenging curriculum.
  • Pupils at TDM will develop both the knowledge and skills which underpin every educational stage as well as their future learning. They will be encouraged to embrace scholarship in its truest sense so they actively seek opportunities and future challenges.
  • The children will have access to a wide range of educational experiences, and, where they have a specific enthusiasm or talent, they will be provided with inspiring extension activities to develop their own personal portfolio of interests.
  • Individualised tracking and support will ensure that each child gains added value, enhancing their underlying abilities.

Co-Curricular Outcomes

  • The school environment and timetable support the development of excellence in Sports, Music, Art, and Drama as well as wider Outdoor Learning opportunities.
  • The Downs Light Railway, Astroturf, Playing fields and Forest School all combine with our extensive grounds to promote an outdoor childhood based on traditional activities combined with a modern outlook.
  • Pupils will have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of competitive sports and are encouraged to develop their skills to representative level in both team and individual sports.
  • Pupils will be learning in an environment where the Arts are a celebrated and integral aspect of the school’s culture.
  • Complementing the academic curriculum, the co-curriculum provides children with rounded and varied educational experiences designed to reflect the ‘Skills to Thrive’ and wider school values.

Personal and Social Outcomes

Underpinning all that we do is the pupils’ happiness, safety and security. Within a kind, caring and supportive environment, the pupils are enthusiastic about learning.

Pupils develop kindness, compassion and empathy resulting in a cohesive school community.

Pupils are encouraged to take responsibility for an informed approach to their own learning.

Pupils are aware of their own place in the world and have the confidence and motivation to contribute to wider society.

Success at a pupil’s first choice senior school, comes from having developed independence, self-reliance and self-motivation.