Information Technology, known as 'IT', is taught to all children from Year 1 to Year 8.

At the heart of the teaching is the acquisition of the skills required to use IT in its wide-ranging applications across the entire curriculum.

IT is not intended to be a course per se, but one that provides our children with the capability to use technology with confidence to enhance their learning. Our newly refurbished IT suite has recently welcomed 16 new HPEnvy 23 computers and a master HPEnvy 27 computer. There are also iPads which enable greater flexibility of facilities.

iPads and laptops are not only used in IT lessons but may also be found in a Geography classroom for project work or in an English lesson for editing a poem. iPad sketching and digital photography are also popular activities.

In addition, there are desktops spread throughout the school in the library, Science labs, Music school and Boarding House.