The School offers 11+ Awards for children showing particular ability in the following areas: Academic, Art, Drama, Music and Sport, as well as an 'All-Round' Award. The Headmaster welcomes applications from the parents of children in Year 6 at their current schools.
  • 11+ Assessment Dates:  Thursday 25th January and Friday 26th January 2018 
  • Closing date for entries: Monday 11th December 2017 

Application Forms can be obtained from Mrs Katherine Cox, the Registrar on 01684 544108

Please contact Katherine Cox for any further specific 11+ Scholarship information.

Scholarship Information

Awards are offered for children showing particular ability in the following areas: Academic, Art, Drama, Music, Sport.

An All-Round Award is also offered.

There will be written exams for Academic Scholarship candidates only.


Those entered for an Academic award will sit papers in Maths, English and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

  • English – This paper will comprise a reading comprehension and a piece of creative writing.
  • Maths – This will be in two parts: a test of basic mathematical operations covered in Key Stage 2 up to level 5, followed by a section testing understanding of number and shape at greater depth, including number patterns and sequences.
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning – This will be for external candidates only. Internal candidates have already taken the paper as part of school assessments.

All Academic Scholarship candidates (both internal and external) will attend an interview with the Deputy Head, Mr Andrew McKay. Candidates should prepare a topic to talk about and then discuss with Mr Mckay. This should be about something that they have studied, preferably independently. The interview will last approximately 10 minutes.


Candidates will meet the Head of Art, Mr Simon Mellor, and be assessed on the criteria below. The assessment will last approximately one hour and the children may take their work away at the end of the day.

Candidates should provide evidence of a very good standard of artwork (they should bring in sketchbooks, folders of artwork from school and home... the greater the variety, the better!).

During their interview, candidates will need to show a genuine enthusiasm and interest for the subject, talk about what inspires them (favourite artists etc.) and promote any ideas that they might have for future work.

Candidates will produce a drawing on the day from one of two practical ‘drawing’ tasks: either an ‘observational drawing’ or an ‘imaginative drawing’ (themes to be decided on the day).


Candidates will meet the Head of English and Drama, Mrs Kay Bedwell.

The session will last approximately 45 minutes. Candidates will be invited to take part in a variety of individual and group drama workshop games and exercises, during which they will be given the opportunity to show their dramatic skills and present a prepared speech (of about 1 – 1.5 minutes). It is intended that these exercises will be enjoyable and the atmosphere of the assessment relaxed.

At this stage, of course, we are looking for potential ability as much as the standard that candidates have reached or are currently able to achieve.

Candidates are asked to provide details of:

  • any previous acting experience or performance in public or at school
  • any speech and drama examinations or tuition (e.g. LAMDA)
  • current drama activity (e.g. member of a particular group)
  • any other information you might feel is relevant.


Candidates will meet the Head of Music, Mrs Lesley Hunter, and the interview will last approximately half an hour. Candidates will be invited to offer as many of the following sections as they can and may choose to play pieces from a jazz or classical genre:

  • Main Instrument:
    • To play two contrasting pieces;
    • Scales and arpeggios appropriate to the candidate’s standard;
    • Sight-reading.
  • Second Instrument:
    • To play one piece.
  • Aural Tests: These will be similar to those set by the Associated Board at the appropriate level.
  • Singing: Candidates are encouraged to bring a song or verse of a hymn to sing.

Throughout the interview, candidates will be given the opportunity to talk about their musical experience and their likes and dislikes! It is hoped that the interview will be a relaxed and enjoyable session for everyone. An accompanist and/or a CD player will be provided.

It would also be very helpful if a portfolio containing evidence of a candidate’s musical achievement could be brought to the interview. This portfolio could contain exam reports and certificates, past concert programmes, photographs, etc.

It is accepted that younger children will not be able to present all of the requirements listed but they will be expected to offer as much as they can. At this stage the musical potential is as important as the standard achieved.The Head of Music will be happy to discuss the requirements with individual parents.


Candidates should offer at least two sports in total at a high standard from the lists below (with at least one sport from Group 1):

Group 1 Group 2
Rugby Athletics / Cross Country
Soccer Racquet Sports
Cricket Rounders
Netball Lacrosse



It is important to receive evidence of achievement in chosen sports, where applicable, and best recorded times and distances for athletics/swimming should be included where appropriate.

Assessment will consist of a general test of athletic ability, related to the age and experience of the candidate, and will also be in a selection of the candidate’s chosen sports. On the date of assessment please bring sports kit, including indoor and outdoor footwear.


These Scholarships are intended to reward boys and girls of all-round ability who will contribute significantly in a number of areas of life at school. In addition to strong potential as demonstrated at interview, and in a practical test of at least three of the following (to include Academic, where appropriate) - Music, Art, Sport, Drama - successful candidates will be judged on the contribution they are likely to make in a number of spheres of activity. A strong reference from the candidate's current Head Teacher is essential, and other supporting testimonials are welcome. Results from the Academic tests will also be included in our assessment of candidates who are being considered for an award. The tenure of the award shall be whilst the holder continues to contribute significantly to the life of the school.


All external candidates will attend an interview with the Headmaster, Mr Alastair Cook. This will be an informal interview in small groups.


  • If more than three Award categories are ticked on the Application Form, candidates will be considered for their chosen individual subject awards as well as an All-Round award.
  • If you have any questions at all about any aspect of the 11+ Scholarship Programme, please contact Katherine Cox, Registrar (01684 544108;
It is expected that those who gain an Award at The Downs Malvern will be of a high enough standard to be considered for a 13+ Award at Malvern College, should that be their next choice of school.