Weekly & Flexi Boarding

Children can weekly or flexi board at The Downs Malvern for a multitude of different reasons. Perhaps parents are working away, children are involved in evening activities and rehearsals, or maybe they just want to experience the fun and friendship of boarding.

On the morning that children arrive to flexi-board, they can leave their case (and perhaps their teddy!) either in their dorm or with the Matrons.

Supper is with the boarding community at 6pm, but there are also healthy snacks and hot chocolate if you wish before going to bed.

Fun and games are had before 'lights out' and bedtime is for sleeping - all boarders need their rest to stay healthy and happy!

Occasionally, we have to remind some flexi-boarders that boarding is not the same as having a ‘sleepover’ at home, because it is not possible to lie in in until midday to recover!

At night, we have a special alarm that the Houseparents set to keep boarders safe. We also have a specific routine if the fire alarm goes off in the night. The boarding team tell children about that when they arrive.

If boarders happen to feel homesick for a short time, there is always a member of staff on duty to talk to – everyone on the Boarding team is here to help.

'Fun Facts for Flexi-Boarders'