The Friends of The Downs Malvern

Most schools will have a group of parents who are willing to do as much as they can to support the school and to raise funds in order to help in the provision of amenities and equipment which will be of direct benefit to the pupils.

Through their hard work and commitment, 'The Friends of The Downs Malvern', as our parents’ association is known, organise exciting, fun social functions for current parents, pupils and staff, many of which are also fundraising events. These are well-attended and include such events as the Bonfire Party, Christmas Fair, Burn’s Night Supper, Summer Concert and the occasional Ball. The pupils delight in the termly discos that the committee organises. 'The Friends' also assist at school drama productions and similar events.

Over the past few years 'The Friends' have helped the school in many ways large and small. We, the staff and pupils at The Downs Malvern are extremely grateful for the smallest of additions in the classroom to the large gifts such as our wonderful adventure playground, multi-purpose wooden gazebo on 'Brock Meadow' and the bikes and trikes that the Pre-Prep race about on at break time.

All parents are encouraged to become involved with 'The Friends' in one way or another, in fact a group of parents even designed and built the shelter for the bikes in the Pre-Prep playground!

Many thanks from us all!