The Downian Society

Past Pupils

The Downian Society is open to anyone who has attended any of the three school which eventually merged to become The Downs Malvern. Those were The Downs Colwall, Hillstone and Malvern College Prep. Honorary membership is also offered to members of staff from these schools when they leave. Any past pupils or staff from The Downs Colwall, Hillstone or Malvern College Prep School may contact the secretary, Malcolm Robertson on and he can arrange for you to join the Old Downian Society.

The 2014 reunion allowed members to visit on a Saturday morning in the summer term and see the pupils working at various hobbies before and after break and visit the archive room which at the moment has a temporary home in 3 Downsland Cottage, next to the new sports hall.. This was followed by the AGM and buffet or picnic on the field, with a cricket match between the Old Boys and the Headmaster’s eleven. We expect the 2015 reunion to follow a similar pattern. The Archives are currently being catalogued and, we hope, will eventually be relocated in the wooden hut on the main school site.

The Society currently has well over a 1000 members, details of whom are held on a secure database by the membership secretary.

The Downs Malvern is now well established and has strong links with Malvern College.  The current Headmaster, staff, pupils, Governors and parents are keen to build on much of the history that the three founding schools and their communities have established, whilst continuing to innovate and improve.

We always welcome additions (donations) to our already extensive archives particularly Badgers as we no longer have a complete set. We do not have any copies of newsletters at present and this could form an interesting addition.

The school always gives a warm welcome visits to former pupils. If you let the School Secretary know beforehand she will happy to arrange for you to be shown around school. Please contact Pam Hill on 01684 544104. Queries about The Downs Malvern can be addressed to the Headmaster ( during term time:

The Society Secretary can answer queries about the Downian Society.

Malcolm Robertson e-mail: