Pastoral Care

Our boarders are in the care of professional Houseparents, supported by a resident team of teaching and non-teaching staff with many years of boarding experience. The team are always around to listen, play or simply to sit down and have a cup of tea with the children.

In the evenings and at weekends, day staff can always be found around the House, bridging the transfer from day to boarding life. Matrons are on duty all night to look after anyone feeling unwell, upset or homesick.

Boarding has to be appealing to children, and here, at The Downs Malvern, it is very much based on feeling happy and safe, as well as having a lot of fun. There is a firm but fair routine, with time set aside for study, music practice and quiet relaxation, along with regular 'fun nights' and special weekend activities.

Boarders can contribute to life in the House and have the opportunity to have their say in regular 'chat times', as well as more formally at any time. Discussions are two-way and are taken seriously with minutes displayed on the noticeboard and regular feedback sessions.