Pastoral Care

A happy child is a productive child, and the Pre-Prep staff create an exceptionally caring, friendly and approachable start to school life.

Praise and encouragement is at the core of the Pre-Prep. Every child is important and deserves recognition as they make progress through the range of activities, topics and clubs. A wide range of ‘Rewards’ are in place and Celebration Assemblies take place weekly.

They leave Pre-Prep confident and prepared for their next stage of school. We aim to give each child the opportunity to develop his or her talents in a wholly supportive environment. Their happiness and well-being is of paramount importance. All of our children are special and some have needs that require support in a caring and sympathetic way. Through small groups, we are able to provide extra support for those who need it. We consider pastoral care to be of the highest importance.

Your child’s time in Pre-Prep is a partnership between home and school and we welcome your involvement and communication as a two-way dialogue to provide the best learning environment for all our children. The staff fully appreciate that parents are a child’s first teacher, and we try to work with you to build on this foundation to help your child flourish. The teachers send home a timetable for the term and weekly parent information sheets can be found in their Homelink book outlining what we shall be learning that week.