Learning Support

Children with special educational needs are welcome at The Downs Malvern.

The differentiated teaching strategies, employed by The Downs Malvern staff, take into account children with individual needs of strengths and weaknesses. However, some may need additional help in their learning. The Learning Support staff work closely with the teaching staff to quickly identify children with specific needs. These specific needs are then met with individual programmes of work, mainly through one-to-one teaching.

The Learning Support department has a small teaching classroom situated in The White House and houses a variety of multi-sensory teaching resources and games, as well as computer aids and voice recognition software.

Our aim is not to label a child with a specific educational need, but to identify their strengths and weaknesses and to use these strengths to develop the weaknesses.

Learning Support Coordinator - Vanessa WhiteheadContact

B.Ed (Hons), OCR Level 7, APC (Assessment Practising Certificate)

 PATOSS registered.