Hobbies and Activities


Our extensive Hobbies programme on a Saturday morning epitomises the school’s attitude that children are capable of anything, both within the classroom and beyond.

Breadth and diversity are crucial to the philosophy of The Downs Malvern and therefore all children take part in the school’s Hobbies programme on Saturday mornings.

Children are given the opportunity to diversify their interests and experiences in Hobbies such as cookery, drama, gymnastics, pottery, art, football, hockey, photography, gardening, fitness training, fencing, computer club, jazz band, badminton, chess, 'The Downs Malvern TV', rambling and railway engineering to name but a few.


As well as this, On a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, the last lesson of the day is given over to Activities. This is an opportunity for co-curricular extension, academic catch-up or a chance to learn a new skill. Activities are open to all children in Years 3 to 8, but Years 3, 4 and 5 are able to go home at 4.10pm, if they so wish.