Extra-Curricular Activities


Sport is an important aspect of life in Pre-Prep, with many opportunities for the children to learn and enjoy various activities. Reception and Years 1 and 2 take part in weekly swimming lessons on Friday mornings, where they are able to make use of the swimming pool at Malvern College.

In the Spring Term, Yoga is introduced to the Early Years by Mrs Prasad, and encourages self-esteem and body awareness through physical activity. It enhances flexibility, strength, co-ordination and their concentration and sense of calmness improve.

Throughout the year, Manor Park organises lunch-time tennis club for children wishing to learn Tennis, and with their weekly P.E and Games lessons, which take part in the Sports Hall, every child in Pre-Prep is given the chance to pursue and discover Sport.

Music & Drama

There are a number of opportunities that Pre-Prep children are given to discover Music and Drama. Year 2 are given the chance to learn how to play the violin, and are able to familiarize themselves with the Prep school by taking part in the Junior Choir. Through class music lessons, together with individual, optional, instrumental lessons and the Early Years Musicianship classes, they are able to discover their musical interests. The Summer Soirée, and the Christmas Nativity, are highlights of the school year.