Art is taught in a modern ‘Art Studio’ that has an inspirational setting overlooking the Malvern Hills. The school can also boast one of the oldest continually running Prep School pottery studios in the country! We are able to offer a broad range of practical opportunities including drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, 3D and textiles to support the pupils' art and design experience.

The School aims to inspire children of all ages to explore and develop their creativity. We believe that the development of visual literacy is significantly important in today’s society. For those who achieve Art Scholarships we are proud, but the measure of our success is engagement for all. Through a progressive curriculum that builds on skills, knowledge and experience, many facets of art and design are explored. Practical techniques are taught to help our children gain confidence and realise their ideas. It is hoped that all move on having discovered a natural flair and affinity for a particular discipline.

All children attend a double lesson each week, but there are opportunities to extend their time by joining one of the creative hobbies on Saturday mornings, an Art activity on a Thursday afternoon, or an extra Art session during the evening. With permission, the older children may use the art studio at break times. There are Art competitions with prizes awarded for different age groups most terms. These encourage the children to develop their creativity beyond the classroom. From an early age, regular Art gallery and museum visits are undertaken so that first-hand knowledge and experience of the work of famous artists, designers and makers can be gained. During these visits, the children learn to question, express their views and begin to interpret different forms.

Art is regularly displayed around the school so that all can view and appreciate the children's creativity. The school has an interesting collection of paintings that reflects its own unique artistic legacy. The Downs Malvern was proud to host the Satips National Prep Schools' Art Exhibition in 2012 and also 2013.

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